Agro-Fish Sp. z o.o. was established in November 2000. We are a family company managed by Zbigniew Iwaniuk and competent team of employees. Our company produces:

Products for farmed and wild fish:

fish feed

pellet and baits for fish

Petfood products:

dog food under the brand name Alkee PetFood (Premium line)

dog food under the brand name Alkee PetFood Hipo

Extrudates for mink and foxes and other extrudates

Successive improvement of technical facilities, ongoing development of processing lines and appropriate business policy allow dynamic growth of our company. In January 2003 we started production in our plant in Gniewino, which was carried out until 2017. Where we used modern technologies available from ATLAS and HAARSLEV companies. which enables production of good quality.


We apply our own and foreign innovative solutions for environment protection. In our work, we lay stress on technological cooperation with scientific and research units (technical universities, Sea Fisheries Institute in Gdynia). We have implemented HACCP system.


We want to continue to produce fodder for fish with an improved formula ensuring excellent quality, higher survivability and economic benefits.