Feed for Trout 47/18 (vitaminised)


Trout feed with a high content of highly-digestible protein and fat. The use of the guarantees very rapid growth from the beginning to the end of feeding. It is recommended for waters, which favor maximum gain of the defined surface of the body of water, with a low coefficient of food during the elevated temperature.

Chemical composition  Contents [%] 
Protein 47
Fat 18
Ash 8
Fibre 2
Phosphorus 1
Carbohydrates 19

Components: fishmeal, wheat flour, yeast, corn gluten, soy meal, hemoglobin, fish oil, mineral and vitamin supplements.

total energy min 22,10 MJ/kg,
digestible energy min 17,02 MJ/kg,
net weight: e 20 – 25kg