New generation of fodders

Our company developed a NEW GENERATION OF FODDERS for youngest animals, mainly piglets. In the nearest future we are planning to develop chicken fodders as well.
The idea behind this project is usage of precious proteins from fish broth separated during production of fish meal and oil as well as fish-liver oil made from cod liver.
Valuable ingredients of fish broth are used by us mainly for feeding the youngest piglets, by commencing the production of prestarters and starters of highest quality.
We produced first batches of the fodder with application of extrusion method. Feeding tests performed on groups of piglets confirmed rightness of our assumptions. Test group reached gains better than groups fed on other fodders. It is also significant that the fodder is not expensive in comparison to other products from this class.
A. Obtaining protein from fish broth
B. Extrusion process:
• Forms of extruder influence
• Function and scope of influence of extrusion on nutrients