New generation of fadders

B. Forms of extruder influence
• Boiling
The material is completely boiled within 30 seconds with temperatures rising maximally from 120 to 195°C, depending on processed raw material. The boiling process increases digestibility and tastiness, and reduces c.
• Sterilization and detoxification
High temperature and pressure generated in extruder cylinder destroys noxious organisms such as Salmonella and all other pathogenic bacteria. This means that extrusion may be safely used for processing of such materials as abattoir wastes. Bactoriotoxins and fungitoxins can be destroyed or reduced to insignificant levels.
• Expansion
Raw material expands: starch is gelatinized and fat cells are torn.
• Mixing and grinding
Although majority of materials has to be preliminary ground and accurately mixed prior to extrusion, grinding and mixing inside the cylinder cause further reduction in size, which leads to obtaining uniform and levelled product.
• Dehydration
When the material leaves extruder cylinder, its high temperature causes up to 50% of water in raw material to evaporate.
• Product stabilization
High temperature and pressure deactivate noxious enzymes, e.g. those causing rancidity.